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Die Doppeltrommel gehört zur Kategorie der Trommelsiebanlagen

Double trommel technology

The double trommel technology enables screening into 3 fractions in one working step. Based on the wire screens, strained around the inner and outer trommel, a most selective split cut and a clean screening result of the individual fraction – fine fraction, middle fraction and coarse fraction –  is achieved.

Design of the double trommel

The double trommel consists of sturdy and robust inner trommel which sieves the coarse material and holds it back from the outer trommel. The outer trommel strained by wire screens separates the fine fraction from the middle fraction. Between the inner and outer trommel the middle fraction is sieved.

Both the inner trommel and the outer trommel can be strained by wire screens. Whereas the inner trommel thanks to the design enables permanently a screening size of 75/80 x 170 mm without wire screens.

Wire screens

The wire screens enable a high flexibility and individual adjustment to the screening requirements. It can be choosen mesh sizes from 2 to 80 mm and different shapes as square mesh, harp mesh and long mesh. According to material consistency, wire screen thickness from 2 to 6 mm can be used.

The wire screens are light, solid and can be easily delivered to the operating place.

Exchange of wire screens

In contrast to the often used perforated trommel, the double trommel does not need to be changed. The exchange of the wire screen takes place within one hour with common tools. The low cost price of 10 to 15 per cent compare to a new purchase of an entire trommel unit is also an advantage.

3 fractions

Fine fraction:  
Selectable mesh size from 2 to 80 mm

Middle fraction:
Selectable mesh size from 2 to 80 mm or standard 75/80 x 170 mm

Coarse fraction:
Depending on mesh size of middle fraction or as standard greater than 170 mm



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